The plan of the houseThe installation of a wireless security alarm system is a piece of cake. The advantages are undeniable as the installation process is clean, easy and invisible. 

   As there are no cables involved, you just have to consult the  implantation scheme and with a screw driver in one hand and a drill in the other, you're ready to get to work and do it yourself.

   Consult our 4 steps guide to see the steps you have to follow during the implanatation process of your Somfy alarm or the  detailed installation guide to get a closer look on all the aspects you have to consider before and while setting up your alarm.

   To convince you that installing a wireless alarm is even easier than setting up an IKEA bed (and we all know how easy that is), we posted a video (in French) with the basic steps  you need to follow.

Item Title
Implantation scheme
Levels of surveilance
Installation in 4 steps
Detailed installation

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